“Today was a great day, I have been dependent on OxyContin and Percocet for around 20yrs, sick of the roller coaster ride of addiction, not even remembering having a day that was not controlled by drugs, almost losing my life 3 times last year without any hope of a future, knowing that Drugs were not only controlling my life, but having a very negative effect on my family’s, Not only have I been a burden to my family, I also knew that I was very near death, but even though I wanted to get well and be the woman I once was, I really don’t remember how it even feels to be her anymore and how to stop, I was scared because from abruptly just stopping in the past, it put me into seizures, and I stopped breathing! Scared to death, I remembered talking to this woman after calling Dr. Readers office looking for help about a yr ago, and worried that I the woman that has raised to beautiful kids and had my own Childcare, soccer mom, Girl Scouts, you name it, was going to be judged, I thought I would be looked at like a failure. Well today I learned that I was wrong, Barbra’s encouraging words made me realize I am only human like everyone else, and that I could have enough courage to make my first step into the office that felt like I was welcomed in by old friends, and all my fear was gone, these girls were genuine and kind, you could tell that they really care, and not just because their paid to, and I’m sure most of us know from seeing so many different doctors to get our fix through the years how those places make you feel. I then met the most amazing doctor, he made me feel like I could tell him anything, and I did, I told him about all the years of drug abuse and how I really didn’t remember much of the last 2 yrs! Looking up at him as he listened patiently, I still just seen his warm and caring face, I mean his heart is truly about helping all of us that feel like we are not even worth helping! I know he has my best interest in mind, and I am trusting him with my life! Today for me was my last chance at living. The medicine he prescribed is already working,& I know God sent him and his staff to save me from myself! Thank You So Much! For anyone who is out there reading this, please just take the first step and call, when we are down as low as we can go , then we’ve got no where else to go accept up, right? So why not let the best of the best help you by taking your hand? WE CANNOT CHANGE WHAT WE DONT ACKNOWLEDGE! COME ON WE CAN ALL DO THIS TOGETHER, BECAUSE WITH GOD AND THOSE 3 ANGELS WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS! XOXO”